In its endeavor to realize its vision and mission, Jamii SACCO upholds the following core values: Integrity, Professionalism, Customer Focus, Teamwork, Innovation and ICT.

New Member Joining Requirements

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  • A member must have contributed for at least 6 months to access all the other loans except Asset Financing where a new member is expected to contribute for at least three (3) months before being considered for a loan.
  • A member must attach all the necessary documentation including original payslips, and copies of ID cards and any other stated requirements.
  • A member must complete, sign and date the loan form.
  • All the guarantors must provide their details in the loan form.
  • Loan application forms must be endorsed by the delegates as applicable.
  • The SACCO conducts a confirmation search from CRB and any listed member cannot be considered for a loan.
  • Loan processing for short-term loans takes 24 hours while long-term loans take 48 hours to 3 weeks for Asset Financing with all required documentation in place. Security options for acquiring a loan are Guarantors (who should be payroll-based members of the SACCO), and Title Deeds for urban properties.
  • Loans are granted at 60% of the forced value of the Motor Vehicle Log Books, which do not exceed 10 years old and must be valued and charged.
  • Other securities include regular remittances e.g. monthly savings, pension remittances, Special Deposit Account (SDA) among others.
  • Repayment and collection will be made either through check off, standing order, pay-bill or cash.

i) Gurantorship.

Members are allowed to guarantee up to a maximum of 20 long term loan applications. Members with default history will not be allowed to guarantee new loans.

ii) Other Acceptable collaterals.

  • Deposits: Any form of deposits or non-withdrawable savings is acceptable such as Special Deposit Account (SDA)/Golden Savings.
  • Land Titles: Land titles for urban areas including Jamii Housing Co-operative Society plot titles.
  • Car log books: For vehicles not exceeding 10 years subject to valuation.


  1. Land Share Certificates are not acceptable.
  2. Cost of valuation and charge to be borne by the member.
  3. Car logbooks to be co-owned with the SACCO.
  4. Land Titles to be charged and members to meet the legal charges.

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